Friday, May 15, 2015

NRU mish mash

**you will see from the collection here that I have been collecting these for quite a while ... alas... this news round up may be anything but timely -- *not new news* -- enjoy anyway.

I am not sure I *believe* in marriage -- its value or necessity -- but I sure do oppose the hypocrisy that this young woman describes as her reason for speaking out.

The tragedy in Nepal is stunning on so many levels -- but what strikes me is that in this world there are so very many things that we cannot control, like earthquakes (for the most part), that wreck havoc.  Then there are all those other things, like climate change, which we may not control but certainly have a hand in.  We could do a little more to keep that tragedy from happening ...  here all we can do is dig deep and help in whatever way we can.  But, I was struck by this author's take on the resilience of the Nepali -- and their relationship with impermanence:
"We Nepalis know suffering. ...
But my people are also resilient. Already Nepalis are uniting to deal with this most recent tragedy. They are digging through the rubble for survivors."
This was a fantastic piece ... compassion and empathy and soothing of our guilt for not being *perfect* at handling our parents growing old ... for all those who are caretakers or ponder the wisdom of becoming their parents' caretakers.

The affects of climate change are everywhere ... and in many places that we have never even worried about. Here is one.  At every turn, our planet is asking us to consider what it will mean to give up all of these things, to set in motion the destruction of so many things, little or big, just so that we can continue to eat beef, drive gas guzzlers, air condition EVERYTHING and not consider our role in any of it.

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