Monday, May 11, 2015


I am in denial about how quickly time passes ... and that it is already May ... it is beyond me that this could be true.

However, the signs are every where ... the other day, when I was still in Oxnard, I was sitting at the kitchen table at the animal hour.

Every day, I have noted, around 10am, the street has quieted down sufficiently (less cars, hardly no people) that all the birds (and sometimes other animals, like WILD BUNNIES) take over.

Sometimes they are so loud, I actually go outside to see what is going on -- usually it is the larger birds having dirt baths outside the kitchen door.

So, this day, I was sitting there, having my breakfast, when all of a sudden two birds barely made their landing attempt on a plant right outside the window.   As I looked at them, I realized that they were young ... though big, perhaps mockingbird juveniles.  They looked at each other, seemingly proud to have not bonked into the window or fallen on to the ground.  And then they took off again.

I sat there happily imagining the tale they would tell their parents as they returned to the nest they no longer fit into... think teenager stoner voice "it was sooo cooool, we both landed, like, together, and it was AWESOME!"

Throughout that day, I noted small birds traveling in packs, nearly bending over branches as they all wanted to land simultaneously. I imagined that after so much togetherness in the nest, it was hard to imagine going anywhere not stuck to your brother or sister bird.

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