Wednesday, September 17, 2014

um, yeah ... just crazy

So, my parents have put off fumigating the house for so long because they are fearful, and not unrealistically, about the house being broken into during the tenting. 

Though it is not unfounded -- fear should not rule our lives or push us into crazy actions.

Yet, it does.

There are ways to deal with this fear -- you could just rely on the fact that you have home owners insurance in case the worst happens; you can remove irreplaceable items; and you can proactively remove other items, though replaceable, that you don't want to fall into the hands of others.

We did all of those things... yet my parents' fear were not allayed.

So, I spent the night in my car next to the house as the guard.

Yes, I said that ... I did that.

I realized somewhere in between being exhausted and frustrated and stressed that the only armaments I had were my car alarm and teacher voice.

As I explained to a friend last night, my only plan was to keep the car fob near me - if I saw someone doing something illegal, such as breaking into the house, I would hit the panic button and call the police.

Failing that car alarm making any dent in a robber's intentions, all I could do is roll down the window and use my teacher voice to command him/her away from the house.

It is as ridiculous as it sounds.

I can report after night one (yes, I have do it for another night) that I did not have to use either of the two *weapons* in my limited arsenal.

And, sadly what pains me the most about this situation is that my parents neither called me last night or this morning to check in with me.

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