Friday, September 26, 2014

My weekend companion

As luck would have it, some friends went to a wedding this weekend ... but they left their lovely daughter with me.

We are having fun ... we went out to dinner. And she created some artistic masterpieces.

We picked flowers.

Actually, we picked only one flower because, as she explained, we don't want to disturb the bumble bees.  After all, they are busy making honey for us.  Those bees need those flowers.

They do not like to be disturbed.

I wholeheartedly agree with those sentiments.

Then we might need to wear said flower in our hair -- or maybe just her hair.

Later, that flower, and the artistic masterpieces, turned into gifts for Julie.  At Julie's house, we made cookies and she frosted cupcakes. 

Wow, so much sugar, and still she was the perfect helper, cleaning up with any paper towel she could find.

Last time I was here, she was shy. 

But she told me boldly that she is not shy right now.  Of course, she is reserving the right to be shy again, someday. 

She is a smart cookie.

At the restaurant, and at Julie's house, there was also ballet dancing. 

And balance beam walking. 

And tapping.

And, yes, this is the unit I am rocking on this trip north.  I am not shy -- neither are her parents, obviously.  We like to be noticed.  I even wore a matching shirt yesterday as I arrived ... one must always try to match a showy car at least once in a while lest it get too complacent in its awesomeness.

What a treat for me ... sometimes dark chocolate pretzels are just what I need to balance out all the crazy things going on in my life right now.  Sometimes, pink-colored bubble gum is a welcome departure from the stinging salty with the bittersweet.

Thanks to my friends for sharing their little bundle of joy with me... oh the stories we'll tell...

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