Wednesday, September 10, 2014

hoarders, oh my!

I learned the hard way many years ago to not own much more than you can carry because someday you will have to give it up.

The hardest for me to part with were the books. 

I still ache for the photo albums that I could not retrieve, but I guess I imagine that someday I can still get them back -- as unrealistic as that thought it.

For the past few days, I have been preparing my parents' home for fumigation ... it is does not require them to actually give up anything.  It is just that I have to pack up all the things that might be ingested.

One would think that though tedious, this should not be that onerous.

We have already had to ask for more than the standard number of bags than is usually given.

And we are going to ask for more...

And I have thrown away many, many things that carried "best if used by" years that number over 5 years go...

I threatened my mother to not pick through the trash as I assured her that everything I threw out is truly garbage.

I wonder if I will ever be able to talk them into not buying warehouse size things for themselves -- especially since they always *remember* what they like and buy it every time whether or not they have checked to see if they already have some... and then open each without finishing any -- and without being able to bring themselves to throw any out.

How many jars of KARO SYRUP can two old folks possibly need?  I guess as many as the number of cartons of ground cloves -- because those are the numbers we are working on ...

I am taking a break from the hoarders to venture back to NM for a few days.

I may or may not have the energy to blog. 

That is all...

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