Monday, September 22, 2014

Catch Up, Part 2

One day sometime in the past two weeks, I saw these clouds in the sky. I travel what used to be the farm roads in order to avoid the freeway between towns.  They are not lonely, farm roads anymore, but we still refer to them as the back way. 

I guess that there are transplants that don't know how to get from one town to another without using the freeway.  But these roads are usually full of cars, but for some reason seem easier to travel.

I might just be that they provide these scenes and the right amount of stops to take photos like these.
Another day, this backpack caught my eye.  I was mostly interested in the fact that the person wearing it looked to be at least 18-years-old. 

I snapped the picture to send it to my niece, via my sister-in-law, who is crazy about Frozen. 

I was tickled, though, that love of Frozen is not unique to the three-year-old set.  Though I did consider whether or not to have a conversation with this woman about which of the sisters was a better role model for young women/girls.  I have to admit sometimes I think Christoff is the most level headed of the bunch.

Finally, my nephew and I went to explore Cemetery Park.  He has been asking me questions about the park for months.  So, I thought the best thing to do was just to go there and see if there were any signs.

We read head stones, didn't figure out the back story of the park, but enjoyed our time there.

For a while, my nephew tried out all of the trees to see which was most climbable.

My nephew was captivated by the dogs that seemed to come out of the woodwork as the sun started to go down.  Turns out cemetery park is really dog park in the late afternoon/early evening.

This four month old german shepard puppy was his favorite.  Blaze obliged by being adorable when lil K. decided to take his picture.

The Lady & The Tramp looking dog decided I looked like safe harbor, so he/she (?!) plopped next to me on the park bench when I took a rest.  Growling at anyone that came near, everyone thought it was my dog and peppered me with questions.  Nope ...not mine, just another animal that felt safe in my ambit.

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