Friday, September 05, 2014

NRU, StoryCorps & Youth Radio edition

One of the things that NPR gets so right is interviews and conversations.  The StoryCorps program is one of the highlights of my week even when it make me cry like a baby.  And that happens on a regular basis.  This is sort of the mom/dad and kid edition.

Youth Radio also frequently hits it out of the ballpark.

As a corollary to the men in America series, NPR played this piece on a bi-racial man talking with his white dad about the time the younger man asked his father what it was like to be the white father of a biracial kid.  It kept me in my car and almost made me late for an appointment, tears streaming down my face.  Hope you like it, too.

This in another bi-racial family but this time it is mom and son talking about a heartbreaking tangle the son had with some racist police.

The resilience exhibited in these stories is remarkable.  There is heartbreak and there is physical or emotional pain, but they are telling the stories because they survived.

This mom and daughter open up the world of the homeless in unexpected but telling ways.

If only we knew more about the people we judge, wouldn't there be so much more built-in compassion?  Or am I just way too Pollyanna?  Whichever it is, I am holding on to that hope.

There are many, many wonderful stories on StoryCorps, take a look and listen.

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