Wednesday, April 16, 2014

S. Claus

I was driving with my nephew yesterday when we saw Santa Claus.

It was a nondescript white car/wagon, but it had a huge sticker on the back window, "Stops for Santa Claus," so I did a double take.

The vanity plates read: Red Hat.

Then I noticed that the license plate holder read simply S. Claus.

I told my nephew to take a look at the car, and I changed our route so we could get close to the back of the car.  Then we passed him, it was SANTA. 

He was wearing a relaxed red felt hat.  I noticed his flowing white beard. My nephew noticed he was also wearing a red shirt.

Turns out Santa lives in Ventura on the off season!!

My nephew and I speculated where he might be going.   I looked over at my nephew and he had a huge smile on his face.

He had glanced around him and there was a Santa statue on someone's lawn. 

I said I thought maybe that was Santa's house but he had to keep going to throw us off the scent.

We both laughed and smiled widely as we continued to follow Santa for a few more blocks.

It didn't hurt that we had just devoured huge donuts, but we were definitely in the mood for that Santa sighting!

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