Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NRU digging thru the pile

Turns out I was hording a ton of articles in my gmail account.  I am going to try to get through all of them in the next couple of weeks ... some will go in an education post, but these are the mish mash variation.

A fascinating piece about the "race-tinged generation gap" and how it will affect the next major election cycle.  Hoping those young ones will learn the importance of voting!

Richmond, California is not waiting for the rest of the state or the country to get up to speed on the minimum wage

Scientific proof about the connection between fracking and earthquakes... in Ohio.

Here are some that hit my desktop more recently:

I love everything about this portrait project!  I love that the photographer set up a photo booth on the street and invited, cajoled and beckoned folks in.  I love the way the folks responded ... the stories they told about where they were headed.  We live a world that is increasingly more crowded and yet anonymous.  This project gave this community and the folks who work for the organization a moment of connection in the quickly changing landscape of East Los Angeles.  It gave all these folks the opportunity to be seen if not known.  I am sorry that the plans to publicly share the photos with the community and those who posed for the portraits didn't work out. However, it appears to be emblematic of the dynamics of the community.  

On a darker note, the FBI has decided that maybe William Bradford Bishop is alive and living in SoCal.  You may have seen him on America's Most Wanted because he killed his family back in 1976.  It is a haunting story.  The news article does not give much detail about the crime for which he is wanted, or how he got away.  Rather it chillingly describes where and how he might be living with a few details about how he might have ended up in SoCal.  It makes me wonder ... what if you knew this persnickety older gentleman who likes scotch and wine, is neat and orderly, but occasionally has violent outbursts?  Would you think he is a family annihilator?  Or would you just think he as an eccentric fellow?

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