Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NRU late edition

I will not be posting any articles about the Clippers' owner, his alleged girlfriend, the lawsuit his wife has against said alleged girlfriend -- if you have been living under a rock and want to know more, then read the LA Times coverage -- or watch some Daily Show because Jon Stewart has been hilarious at this stuff.

This little gem, though, really deserves to get a lot of coverage.  Guess what?!  Money is not speech ... and that is straight from the mouth of a former Supreme Court Justice.

It is officially absurd to live in a country that touts itself as emblematic of democracy and allows this kind of nonsense to proliferate -- with the blessing and seeming approval from the SCOTUS.

Yeah, I know ... this is really just the tiniest blemish compared to the many other non-democratic actions our country has taken.  Still it provokes outrage in me.

And... more importantly, why is we spend so much time on ridiculousness and so little on what we should be paying attention to.  I am not saying that outing a long-time racist isn't worthwhile .... but it hardly requires the news to focus on just that.

In other hopeful news, a federal judge struck down the voter id law in Wisconsin ... though SCOTUS hasn't had it's say, so it may not last.

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