Friday, April 04, 2014

News Round Up ... ranting and winning

I am not big on protests -- especially when they don't have a clear ask with a chance for those being protested to answer the problem.  In this case, however, I would make an exception. I cannot believe it has taken so long for the public to be outraged about the trigger happy cops in Albuquerque. I always imagined it was because those shot were portrayed as dregs of society and so the public did not see the inherent threat when you cops shoot first and ask questions later.  It is ironic, then, that the death that broke the camels back was a mentally ill person who had already had several run ins with the police.  Old style, the city and the complicit local media would have just portrayed him as someone who should be shot.  It saddens me, however, that it was an outside group that called for the protest ... that after the federal government took up the issue.  I hope that Albuquerque, particularly the new police captain and the mayor, gets the idea that the world is now watching.

There are other ways to display your dislike for something -- and there are other ways to respond.  That is to say, you don't have to take someone's outrage and use it as an excuse to throw tear gas.  Honey Maid took the high road when the haters decided to come after HM for supporting all family configurations -- so far it seems like it is paying off for them.  It certainly makes me want to go out an buy some!

And for the winning -- an article about a young man who will defy anyone's stereotypes.  Wishing Tunde the absolute best wherever he lands.  And, Berkeley, you waitlisted him, really?

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