Friday, September 02, 2016

Travel Day 3 (continued) Denver

crossing from NM to CO
wonder what it is like to live in the county of spirits?
sidekick: baby octopus, oh and Raton Pass
Forgot to put this one in last post, four pics from our pit stop at Fort Union. We actually followed the Santa Fe Trail for quite a bit on this trip.
Meet Shorty, here hiding underneath Suzanne's leg.  She is just one of the many pups I met during this trip.  She is a sweetie.
Sharon made me a special get ready for the road
Bumped into this CO themed Free Little Library on the way to breakfast
And this bike rack ...
I loved this, but I didn't order coffee... I would have gone for the Huge Wizard but I keep thinking I will decaffeinate...

These are shots on the way out of Denver, note the change in scenery ... we are headed to the wide open spaces, no more mountains.

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