Monday, September 05, 2016

Still traveling ... days 3 & 4

Denver to Lincoln, Lincoln to Overland Park
Four states...two days... and now I am only three states shy of my 50 state quest!
 last bits of Colorado

 Welcome to Nebraska ... Home of Arbor Day?! Who knew?
 Mysterious museum in an arch over the freeway. We were on a mission, so we didn't stop...
 the many skyscapes of Nebraska
 Itsy bitsy spider on the umbrella in Emira's backyard, Lincoln
 In Bosnia, this is the kind of warnings they put on cigarettes... I asked why they were in English ...apparently, American cigs, English warnings...
 This is Medde...he's a little on the wild side, so Squintz decided to do his best impression of a super calm dog. It worked.  Squintz charmed everyone, winning himself homemade dinner, breakfast and treats... he misses Lincoln.
Not exactly a national park, but a historic site nonetheless... we walked the nature trails

blurry frog picture
 who lives in there?

 This is about all we saw of Iowa... it still counts

 This is about all we did in Kansas... there was also some food, a lot of people and many dogs...

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