Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NRU Education Ed

It's been a while... I have been reading articles, but not as assiduously.

I looked up the other day and noted that there were no less than ten education articles open in my browser.  Only one was already read, and several did not make the cut.

Here are the ones I decided to share for no particular reason other than I didn't HATE these articles.

I guess I am still not ready to write editorially about the articles.

Do you have any comments on any of these?

New all girl schools in LA (middle schools)

UC touting its diversity starting the school year (meh)

Black-focused housing on Cal State campuses... this particular article touted by other readers to be most balanced, not even sure what that means, just passing it along.

**my favorite: a teacher getting help for her students on dealing with trauma...

The Feds on bilingual ed [or ELLs need more help]... something on closing the achievement gap?

From the Op-Ed section:
NYTimes asks "Is School Reform Hopeless?" [it is a whole set of articles, so get your coffee ready]
LA Times gives someone the chance to say why teachers are not the problem (Vergara redux)

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