Wednesday, September 07, 2016

...mostly Urbana

These are from the various walking tours I took of Urbana ... many were Squintle walks, some were solo walks
 Scenes from my first walk into downtown Urbana
 scoping the food choices within walking distance
 we had read through all the reviews, so I felt like I knew some of these places

 gotta go back for a milk shake here, I am told
 I was actually trying to capture the weed poking through the tiling ...
 If it hadn't been for the power outage that shut down the SB, I wouldn't have found this hipster coffee stop... in case you were wondering:
 Wanted to check out this place ... next time!
 This was not a pet store .... just a really lucky cat.
We walked near the Sweet Corn Festival ...

 this was the lovely decoration on the benches around downtown
 a message on love and hate
 see that squirrel? AKA Squintle tormentor
 found this lovely Free Little Library and reading area ... here is what it looks like at night:

Someone left this little mirror on the bottom of this tree ... who knows what it was for, but it tickled me
 big mushroom ...large enough for a whole family of fairies
 closer up

we decided this little house was perfect for Beth's dad when he moves out ;) Guess she'll have to also buy the larger house that goes with it... they might duke it out for the little house
 here it is from the back
festive shoes
 Sip and night
 Flora and fauna

there is a cardinal in this picture, believe me:

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