Friday, April 17, 2015

NRU mostly law enforcement related

Seems like the issue of policing and our justice system has been consuming some journalists' thoughts lately.  First I saw this piece in the NY Times Magazine about the cost of wrongly imprisonment to those who have lost large chunks of their life -- and whether or not we have the obligation to pay for that loss of life.  Then, I read this on the cost of one poorly prosecuted murder case -- that is a generous description. 

Perhaps the videos surfacing, through news organizations and by-standers not law enforcement, or the highlighting of the death by police of so many young men and women has finally suggested to journalists that they should dig deeper on the issue of law enforcement.  It is not an easy subject by any means -- but we must investigate our complicity as the public who said to be protected (and served) by policing.  I appreciated the complexity This American Life took the time to expose in their two part series:  Cops See it Differently.

Then there is the craziness and lawlessness of those we entrust with our law enforcement.  What are we to make of this? I still do think that we need better training and on-going training with all of those involved with our justice system.  I believe that this kind of work is taxing on the soul, requiring endless stores of compassion in order to keep equilibrium.

I thought once and twice before including this piece about our beloved P-22.  But when the spokesperson talking about the big cat is the warden, well, law enforcement just made sense.  It is good to know, sort of, that I am not the only person star struck by P-22... turns out he is a media darling as well as beloved by the people. I will admit to staying up to watch the full coverage on the local news Monday night.  

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