Friday, April 24, 2015

NRU mostly education

This is an inspiring and disheartening article all in one.  Over 25 years ago, when I was a first generation, not necessarily low-income, student at Princeton, we faced these SAME issues.  I am glad that the students are organizing themselves around the issue rather than just striving to be corporate tools.  I am sure that there are still those aspirations among some of these first gen students.  I am disheartened because the issues remain so striking - perhaps more striking.  These students have more financial help, in most cases, and yet describe similar

The importance of a college education for young people, however, continues to pile in ... despite all the anti-college rhetoric.  Yes, it will cost something to get it; and No, any building with the word "college" does not count.  In the end, the college education will still be more valuable than another 4-10 years in close to minimum wage earning ... which has its own detrimental aspects for the economy as a whole. If only the vast majority of people did not rely solely on FB for their news.

I am not sure how to feel about this story at all ... are they vicious felons that need to be punished or folks caught in a vise of our making?  I am sorry that no one could figure out how to use this situation to open a dialogue about the usefulness of the very tests they were accused of cheating.  That might have been worth the waste of so much time and money.

Um... I am not sure if this is education and not exactly sure how to feel about it, either, but it is *interesting* -- blogger smackdown about who is more uninformed?  blogger smackdown about who is more popular? the problem with too much information and too little filtering?  the problem of people believing anything that is on the internet? Maybe it is just about when we want to believe what we see/hear (not necessarily read because I am not sure who is reading ....).

Last week was National Public Library Week... and many people wrote a bunch of articles, but this is the one that I really liked.  So, I am sharing it.

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