Tuesday, April 28, 2015

busy bees

I finally made it to the Getty Center ... my niece was going for extra credit with her art appreciation class, and we all (mom, me and the mijo) tagged along.

In an attempt to keep the mijo occupied, who was already bored during the short drive there, I let him decide how we would explore the "campus."

One great thing was that they had iPods with tour info, maps and other features available for all to use.  We quickly grabbed our tech gear.  This allowed the mijo to look through stuff to his content -- no more "bored" moments. 

Whenever bored threatened to overtake him, he would find another way to use the iPod.  For instance, one option was to key in codes to hear more about certain pieces.  He discovered that he could key in numbers randomly like a game.  As it was an iPod Touch, there was often visuals to go with the audio.  So, not only would he get to hear about a piece, he often got to see it on the screen as well.  Consequently, he had *viewed* much more of the museum by the end of the trip than the rest of us.

His favorite, though, was when he discovered a set of audio pieces that spoke in the voice of an animal depicted in one of the art works.  He was very engaged with his technology -- often interrupting whatever I was listening to or looking at in order to tell me that I *needed* to listen to THIS!

He decided we should start in the garden ... turns out it was a good choice because the sun went away after our garden tour and rain threatened the rest of the day.  It was quite chilly ... windy, gray and angel spit.

But the gardens were beautiful ... and the best part were the bees.  I have never seen such happy bees.

I am not sure if you will be able to appreciate this from the photos, but these bees were rolling around in the pollen like dogs in dirt!


We went from flower to flower watching these little guys revel in the pollen. 

It gives one hope for *happiness* in the every day, even in the *work* we must do (I say hopefully as I return to my papers...)

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