Friday, August 01, 2014

retirement work... aka pipe dreams

Some people dream of retiring to a cute cottage along the shore where they can rise in the morning, walk the beach, look for sea glass and then return to the cottage for a nap.

I have to admit that these days that seems like a really nice way to spend your days.

However, my dreams run to different ways to occupy my time.

For a long time, I have dreamed of having a storefront with nothing but bathrooms and showers.  Public bathrooms ... no need to buy anything, just use the bathroom!  Drop in a tip, if you feel the need.  Offer to sweep up, if you have time.

Honestly, how many times have you been wandering around somewhere and just needed to use the bathroom only to walk by store after store with notes stating from friendly to hostile: restrooms for patrons only!

There is nothing wrong with that, I guess.  But, why would any one want to patronize a store that is so passive aggressive and stingy?

I just want there to be a place where folks can use the bathroom, clean up, take a load off for a few.  I conceive of it as a real restroom... like the kind they still have at the Paramount in Oakland ... though mine would not have to be fancy.  Just a place with a couch and a room with a cot, for those that need a nap, and a washer and a dryer.

There are folks that need a place to do their laundry ... to take a rest, and a shower.  The best thing about this idea is that it would provide the space for everyone.

Theoretically, you could charge a nominal fee, but as the idea germinates, I love the idea of just asking for donations ... like the Met.  Maybe there could be a suggested donation price based on the electricity, water and rent -- folks could decide, do they need a $3 coffee and a sb in order to go to the bathroom, or could they use our facilities and leave 3 bucks instead?

We would have some log in and donate to paypal -- oh, there would need to be internet, too, for those folks that just want to check in on something real quick, not necessarily to watch movies.

In my best imagination, you could have volunteers donate the towels, washing detergent and paraphernalia, clothes for a free rack, books for a free bookshelf, and time to clean up as needed.  I would love to "employ" homeless folks to clean up for the chance to use it all for free.

Apparently, someone else has been dreaming this dream, too.

Anyway, this is what I dream of.... and the more of us that do it around the country, the less of us that would be worrying about where the next bathroom is...

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