Tuesday, August 05, 2014

NRU, California Sights...

This is a lovely piece on the Channel Islands, which I will always consider off the coast of Oxnard.  Everyone says Ventura County as if it is so well-known to Oxnard's relative unknown.  We all actually know that it is all about who thinks what is sexy.  Not sexy sexy, but you know what I mean.

I love downtown Los Angeles, and this LA Times contributor used Raymond Chandler's birthday as an awesome excuse to explore downtown's nooks and crannies.  My nephew and I are planning adventures we can take from the Metro, so this piece hit the spot.

This is not the typical CA Sights entry ... instead of a tour of sights, it is a tour for the stomach: food crawl.  Not the best article, but an interesting idea about how to learn about the restaurants in our area.  Looks like these tours exist in other cities as well.  I like the idea of mixing food love with networking.

Another atypical CA sight:  a homeless man participating in and finishing a marathon.  This might be one of those only in San Francisco things.  This might belong in the silver lining NRU, but I thought it was so California, I would put it here.  I have both run in and volunteered at the SF Marathon, so I was tickled.  As usual, SF Gate offers lukewarm writing, but the story here is good enough to carry it.  I do wonder, though, if SF Gate would have known about it at all is ESPN hadn't done a story about it... oh, the state of our local newspapers is so depressing.

This is another crossover silver linings/CA sight: the church of helping others.  In this case, it is the specific action called Laundry Love where folks descend on a laundromat to offer free love and clean clothes to any who need it.  I was interested to hear that this practice has origins in Ventura, particularly given the kerfuffle of late over offering homeless folks services within a neighborhood.  I am not even going to link to that article again as it makes my heart hurt every time.

This is a review of a book about a California sight that is no more, but of interest in any case, particularly because it demonstrates, at the author of the review points out, both our thirst for new and modern and how quickly we tire of the "new." Holy run-on sentence! This follow-up piece talks about more nostalgia for Southern California amusement park sights.  I visited the Santa Monica Pier recently and discovered why I had never ventured there before.  I like these sights in the historical documents a little more than I enjoy them in the present.

After our camping adventure, my nephew told me he wanted to start exploring Los Angeles… all the places you can get to on public transportation. To be clear, he was only thinking about the metro, but I added in the idea of buses … and our feet.  We have yet to get started on these adventures, but this article made meitch for a free day to do this! I guess afterwards we will have to make our own app... how does one do that? Got to go to Causathon??
I want this pastrami sandwich now.  In a previous life, and perhaps just as a teenager, I came to love pastrami.  I am not a pastrami snob, though, I have been known to enjoy turkey pastrami as well as the kind that is discussed here.  It was my love of the pastrami that led me to believe that I could have been misplaced from the East Coast.  Alas, I think I was always just a West Coast pastrami fan.  I am adding this deli to my LA adventurelist.  I will let you know.

The stretch of highway that links Oxnard to the Los Angeles County part of Malibu has always been a part of my life.  I have often said that I know every turn, as I imagine my parents do.  It is where my mom grew up.  I know her family's connection to the place.  It turns out this road is part of me from both sides.  I learned recently from a maternal uncle that one of my paternal grandfather's jobs in California was to manage access to what is now called the Pacific Coast Highway.  Apparently, the road used to be private, owned by the family that owned a large ranch near the coast.  I am not sure when and how this article if its into that timeline except to say that I believe my grandpa arrived in California sometime in the 1920s … maybe mid, maybe early.  In any case, this is an interesting little piece of California history – and a part of our family history, too. 

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