Monday, August 25, 2014

NRU California Sights

Here is a piece on a little visited national park in California.  With the drought and all the wildfires, it is sometimes difficult to remember that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world... yup, I said it. I am sure that all people feel that way about their corner of paradise.  But, I think it is something in our DNA we breathe in our surroundings and it becomes for us the embodiment of beauty.  That is not to say that we can't also find beautiful other places.  It is also not to say that we don't take it all for granted when we live it day in and day out...

It may seem like an odd piece to include in a California sights post, but Gloria Molina has been a huge part of my California experience ... I am happy she is going to get some down time ... though if this article is accurate, she is probably not very good at slowing down.  Hopefully retirement will bring her to activities she enjoys.  If I lived in LA I would certainly join this group!

It is a shame that the journalist who wrote this story didn't post more photos to go along with it.  It would be great to see what the murals looked like when first finished, how some survived and others didn't and how the restoration is going on the surviving murals.

This is an unlikely California sight post about a decaying resort area in northern California being overtaken by marijuana cultivators.  However, in this scenic but economically depressed area of California, it is, indeed, a part of the cultural and physical landscape for both the regular inhabitants and would be tourists.  I guess this is a bit of a counterbalance also to the lush posts about little known national/state parks that I have posted before.  You decide.

I am starting to feel like I only meant this "California sights" tag as ironic … but I swear I did not… I just keep reading articles that scream California Sight in an ironic tone.  Is it me or them?  I don't know.  But I did enjoy this article about the history of California in street signs.  Is it a sign of something?? But, again, did it cost extra to put more than one photo?  Or maybe I just don't understand how to access the photos??  It is bratty of me to be demanding … but newspapers have not figured out what I want out of online newspapers.  Just in case anyone is listening/reading/paying attention.  I want content – written – with visuals that are not too difficult to load in public spaces.  So, I don't want videos, and I HATE slideshows… no, no, no to the slideshows.

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