Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Thursday and such...

"There's a Hole in Reality through which We Can Look if We Wish" [Title to Chapter 10 in the book Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck.

Sometimes when I am walking along and I see the clouds part in just the right way, these words pop into my head.

And I remember, like a wave of warm, amber-colored nostalgia rushing over me, this book.

It is a sense memory that makes my heart pump a little faster, of a time when life and happiness were so slippery for me.

When someone who I admired said, you should read this or you should read that. When that kind of recommendation felt like intimacy ... a closeness fifteen year olds crave but have no idea really about what it might mean.

 I confess that I don't really remember all that went on in this book.  Here's what I know for sure: it was in this book that I found out I love quirky characters, and that I feel at home in my mind and others do too!

It might be time to reread this book, and hope it is just as sweet at this point in my life.

P.S. when I was looking for links for this post, I came across this letter from Mr. Steinbeck to his son who was away at boarding school.  Who wouldn't want to get this kind of honesty, introspection and concern in a letter from your mom or pops?

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