Tuesday, March 01, 2016


why can't I take a focused picture? this is just done...

some raspberry jam for sweetness
I woke one day earlier this week thinking about what to make for breakfast.

I really wanted french toast but had no bread in the house. [It was a theoretically well-laid plan to keep me from carb loading for no good reason.]  

What could I possibly need in order to make pancakes?

in all their glory, a little blurry.

I look it up on my phone, Mark Bittman's recipe on the New York Times.

Flour, milk, baking powder, a bit of salt and sugar and some butter (optional).

Surely I had what I needed in the house.

Alas, there was barely enough milk for my coffee, so off to the store I went. Bought some bread, too, for good measure, and then girl scout cookies, too.

Oops... what happened to that well-laid plan??

pacing myself..

I used regular flour the first day, and the second day, I realized I could make these a healthier choice with whole wheat flour.

I used TJ's fancy berry medley with a little hot water to make a little sauce. 

Also added in a bit of raspberry jam for sweetness.  Yes, count those fibers ... whole wheat flour, berries... at least 15 g of fiber!

Super delicious... who knows what will happen next with the flour ... oat bran?

Why did I ever buy pancake mix??

Oh, and yes, I had thin mints for breakfast dessert... oops!

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