Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pi[e] Day

If you know me, then you know I am a math-phob. However every March 14th, I try to do my part to support math lovers everywhere. 

Picture me taking a 3 mile walk (to offset in small part the calories I intended to consume) and visualizing the lemon pie I would eat. 

Then the patisserie was closed. 

No problem, try another place, NO - it's Monday, too many restaurants in walking distance closed. 

The coffee shop on the corner! They were open but no pie. The young woman working was sympathetic though. Try the grocery store she suggested, just a few blocks down. 

Now I am buying a whole pie and none of the "fresh" pies looked appetizing. Gonna have to eat the whole thing so it better be good. 

To the frozen section. Ugh. 

So I decided to buy the innards I wanted and use one of the prepared pie crusts my walkmg partner happened to have on hand. 

Despite my recent first, I am not a pie maker. I don't like making crusts. 

Internet a gave me some suggestions and I winged it. 

Peach and raspberry Pi[e].

Really more of a cobbler, but delicious nonetheless.  And it is all gone now. 

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