Tuesday, March 08, 2016

NRU the unexplained...

Don't ask where these came from ... I have been opening posts from fb again.  Not always the safest choice, but I enjoyed these.

This pieces is about near death experiences... and claims to relate to the oldest reported event.  Hard to gauge if this is really the earliest in the world, just in this person's experience.  Still interesting... and TNT what happened to that series I was watching?

Witches and women ... what is the deal? This piece tries to explain, if not untangle, the was history weaves women and witches...as it reviews the movie, The Witch.

How Catherine de Medici Made Gloves Laced with Poison Fashionable -- um, does this headline even need commentary??

Ok... my favorite author is doing research on Dorset and stumbled on this, plenty of unexplained goodness going on there.

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