Tuesday, January 06, 2015

world keeps turning NRU sort of....

I finally made it back to meditation last night ... I made plans to go to a Latinos from the Ivies mixer tonight ... I made some progress on my paper yesterday.

I was feeling ... not exactly *upbeat* but like my head was above water and that no one was pulling on my toes.

And then I saw this.  Wow, I feel like I have been so out of touch to not even know that she was ill.

My heart breaks... I cannot believe the pain and anguish for Anthony (I know he goes by Antonio now, but he was Anthony to me for all those years in grade school where I was not the me I am now, either).

To be clear, I didn't know Michele ... she was from my hometown, my dad knew her uncle, and she was in my good friend's class at high school.  So, I might have actually met her at some point.  But, I don't know.

I reached out to her several years ago ... many, at this point, before she met Anthony, before she got married, before she found out that she had cancer.

I cannot even remember why I wrote to her ...but I did.  We connected, became facebook friends, when I still had a fb account, and I bought all her books ... to be supportive of her work.

And then I dropped out of fb and didn't keep up with her... and now this.

The world keeps on turning and things keep happening and I am just trying to keep up and keep my head above water.

This felt like another punch to the gut.

But, I don't think that Michele would want me to take it that way.

I am going to try to feel this as a not so gentle reminder to LIVE... get out there, life keeps turning, you gotta keep up.

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