Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scenes from my walking meditation

This is where I have been ... keeping to my two miles per day even if I don't actually get the two on one day ... been more like several 3 mile days and some 2 mile days and other 1 mile days.

The bottoms of my feet hurt from the barefoot beach and pavement walking.  My hips are screaming for some yoga.  The dog walking has put me in some life threatening (hers, not mine) situations.

But, the walking is good.  It really gives me the space I need to let go of planning, thinking, and worrying.  The subconscious processing gets to bubble up as I try to remember to repeat my mantras.

I get to notice the world around me.  The rollercoaster may not stop, but the ferris wheel slows down enough to see that is usually a blur outside the car window.

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