Friday, January 30, 2015

NRU, Obama...

I imagine much to the chagrin of the Republicans, the news on Obama of late certainly points to just how full of shit those GOPers are.  For one thing, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) apparently is not only hitting its goals in terms of getting the uninsured insured, but it is also costing much less than it had been projected to cost.  As far as I know, it must mean that the ACA is working.  Alas...I guess the only hope for the GOP now is that the Supreme Court will lobby another one of its Anti-Obama rulings.  Certainly this is not unheard of...those history will not be kind to this Court, a fact I am sure they know well.

I can't think of another story that could rankle the GOP more than this piece on the deficit.  [Of course, what the budget office gives, it also takes away.]  Have they not been screaming, incessantly, for the past six years that Obama's socialist (and alternately fascist) big-government policies were creating a mountain of debt that our children's children's children would never be able to scale?  Yeah, that's what I heard ... because I listen to Fox News as a way of opposition research. And, Jon Stewart also likes to keep up with Fox's mound of bullshit, so I hear it from the Fox news network through Jon.  Read the article... and let it sink in because I think this is big.

Here is a tidbit about student loans that all students and parents should know ... it is good news, I promise.  It speaks to the importance of filling out the FAFSA ... to finishing your degree and to not worrying about the cost of the degree.  Although Obama cannot take full credit for this one, just like he can't take full credit for the turn around in the economy, his administration has taken some lemon curd and turned them into souffle (assuming souffle is better than lemon curd).

It's truly too bad that the president's and the Democratic Party's communication teams have been so terrible at setting the dialogue -- or even contributing to it at all.  I am clear that racism is the greatest cloud over this presidency.  I am sure that history will not be kind to the racists either, but as a contemporary citizen, I sure would love to have more *truth* spread than have to wade through so much bullshit.

I had some other stuff I wanted to link here, but I ran out of time ... but check out Larry Wilmore's piece on the State of the Union for the comedy. 

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