Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dear George Clooney ...

Dear George Clooney,

Once upon a time, I dreamed you would remake the movie Indiscreet, you know the one with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman?  In case you are unfamiliar, he pretends to be married in order not to commit to marrying any woman.  This, of course, does not stop him from being involved with women.  It just gives him a convenient reason to keep those relationships *private, * thus necessitating discretion.  Then, he meets Ingrid Bergman's character and their relationship rocks his world. 

I love that movie... and, well, you fit into the character so perfectly... at least you did.

I guess, I need to also remind you that I have also stated in the past that the only thing that could make you hotter was if you were to date someone your own age.

I think I may have misspoke because seeing you *in love* with your wife, her age notwithstanding, has changed my mind.

Apparently what makes you even hotter is being married to an incredibly brilliant, intelligent and accomplished woman.  WOW. Just wow... Congratulations on choosing well, albeit young... and the award, of course, and on being even hotter.  May you two long be happy together.

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