Friday, December 19, 2014

NRU mishy and mashy

I love the image of this protest -- lawyers and law students, in suits, having a die-in, in the rain.  Only in LA?  Not sure, but I applaud whoever is staging these mini-protests, expanding the concept of who is protesting using a badge as an excuse for killing.

This is a powerful series ... sometimes it takes me a bit to get through an article, though, because it can be wrenching.  It will (should) make you question all of your purchasing choices.
" Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, bought produce directly or through middlemen from at least three of those farms [of the five that LATimes visited where wages are withheld from the workers], The Times found. " [my insertions for clarification]
It is another shining example of real journalism ... that is a journalist doing the research, crafting the writing and standing by the reporting.  The gorgeous photography comes from the photojournalist who also traveled in Mexico:
" During The Times' 18-month investigation, a reporter and a photographer traveled across nine Mexican states, observing conditions at farm labor camps and interviewing hundreds of workers. "
It is not repackaged, police blotter crap ... I think that the internet should facilitate the spread of this work rather than the spread of the cheap knock offs... but then again, I have lots of thoughts about the internet.

My favorite stretch of the PCH, and my favorite beach, are closed until the first of next year ... maybe longer, depending on how much more rain we get.  Here are some photos ... we need the rain, but it can also be destructive. 

The gloves are off ... or on ... how does that expression go? Anyway, the President, my President, is letting Congress know just how he feels about another Latino issue.  And, of course, the Republicans are wailing and railing... I can't wait to hear what Jon Stewart has to say.  Remember when I watched Meet the Press and This Week? Yeah, now the only political commentary I can stomach is Jon and Co.  I approve of this action ... and I think Barry should go ahead and piss off as many Republicans and Democrats, too, that he can ... if not now, when?!  As those senators and congresspeople try to sack this quarterback, at some point the voters are going to have to notice that one branch of the government is trying to move the ball down the line, right?!

I have no words for this one, except it dislodged some tears that have been meaning to fall.

Alas, Serial has come to the end of the first season ... here is a lovely wrap up/appreciation (with spoilers - so don't say I didn't warn you).  I eagerly await updates and season two -- what story will Sarah bring??

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