Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NRU for Christmas

I decided to watch for articles that made me smile about Christmas ... it is still hard for me to do that, so some of these stories made me cry first.  Sometimes I find I need to tap the sad, that is let it run, before I can reach for something else.

Here is a story about someone who knows hard times, so he helps others so are going through hard times.

If you can't find tears of joy and gladness in this story, then your Grinch heart needs some TLC.  I am going to have to remember to volunteer for this next year! I wish I had known about it sooner.  For those that need reasons to believe in Santa, here is one for you.  I found it long and unsatisfying, but I am a "Yes, Virginia" fan with no reservations.

In case you missed it, some David Sedaris and the Elf Diaries for your entertainment.

Okay, this has nothing to do with Christmas, but it made me truly happy to know that P-22 is feeling better.  I totally love this photo shoot of him enjoying a late night dinner.  I would sure love to be inside his brain.  What kinds of thoughts to mountain lions think?!

This is also not related to Christmas... just a great story about a reporter trying to get the inside story by giving away free "taxi" rides in China.  Priceless, indeed.

This one also made me chuckle... I am not sure whether to be more impressed by the rollerblading or how he made his way to college at a time when Mexican Americans in Delano were "only" field workers.

I think you should check out the video of Frank rollerblading!

Last one, here is a place it would be great to visit for a late night date.

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