Friday, July 25, 2014

Through the Windshield

I spent an awful lot of hours in the car in the last fifteen days ... what with 7 hours up to Oakland and then another 7 down and we won't count the hours it took just to go 60 mile from my home to my sister-in-law's house.
Okay, I wasn't stopped for this...

In an attempt to make the best of being in traffic, I snapped some pics of the beauty that surrounded me while waiting *not always so patiently* near someone's bumper.

[Not sure if you can see it, but it looked like a little black hat sitting on top of that big white cloud]

You can tell from these pics that in many cases I was stopped ...

[I think that is Catalina in the distance, though I guess it could also be one of the other Channel Islands.  I thought since I was so close to Los Angeles at this point that it must be Catalina.]

 The Getty Villa on its precarious perch -- and guy chilling and looking out at the ocean. 

[This is to show that there is no one headed south bound ... just us north bound PCH drivers looking at the ocean.  I think I tried to capture the sail boat in the distance.]

I am sorry that I didn't get one of the leafless tree filled with cormorants and their nests! You will just have to imagine that one ... I was tickled by them and would have truly enjoyed being stopped next to them.

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