Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Rant

I don't generally blog on weekends … let alone on Sundays, but I needed to get this little rant out today.  It's Sunday, and I may not have gone to church today, but I have been thinking about God, American Christians and the way we have been treating some poor immigrants in the last few weeks.
1) We live in an incredibly rich and abundant world.  I know that there are many people who believe they are hurting … and some are.  But, there are many, many people buying $5 coffees and eating out and spending over $100 on phones and $200 on tv per month.

My point:  we have plenty of everything to share.

2) We live in a country where the majority of people (78%) claim to be Christian if not religious (5%) in some other variety.  [In fact, only 16% claim to be "unaffiliated" with less than 2% to be atheist.]  In the Christian Bible I've read, Jesus (that would be the Christ from Christian, lest you forget Christmas) told his followers he was proclaiming two new rules to supersede all others – love God, love your neighbors as yourself.  We call that last one The Golden Rule – and have a really, really hard time following it.  The first one, though, gets a little short shrift because we seem to not understand what it means … it means not only love and honor God, it means to love and honor God in ourselves, remember we were made in His image?  So, it also means to love and honor all other beings we believe to have been made in God's image, i.e. it reinforces rule 2 (the Golden one).  Also, honoring God means not doing things in His name that are ungodly … like being mean to people.

My point:  As God-loving, God-fearing, Christian claiming people, we ought to be sharing what we have… all of it, without reserve or conditions, certainly without malice.

So, I think the talking heads should stop trying to use poor children seeking a better life as a way to trash our president.  In the wake of your political shitstorm, there are real people.  In each of those human beings, you should see your God … the one you love so much you go to the Supreme Court to preserve your ability to honor Him … that same one, that one, right over there on the cross.

I pray the apocalypse doesn't come right now because all those assholes will be left here on earth with me because they didn't recognize Jesus in all the people asking for their help.

Yeah, I went there.  I said it was a rant, so what did you expect?

I believe this is political pandering to fear -- I wish that today from all the pulpits (or wherever religious people speak) they would be reminding their congregants that our country's media has had different ways of viewing young children in need in the past.  We also had a different way of understanding tenacity, the danger immigration involves and the challenge of making lives anew.

I believe in those words from the Bible even if I am not a church-goer -- I think there was a man named Jesus and he made some very profound statements which those who do believe in God and go to Church might do well to remember ... and apply liberally in their lives.

Stats from, lest you believe I am pulling "facts" out of my ass like all the people on FOX NEWS do.

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