Monday, July 07, 2014

NRU CA sights edition

Winston Street in Los Angeles... who knew? Well the people who are trying to make it a better place to live for all, I guess.  From this piece, it would seem that gentrification here doesn't mean getting rid of people.  I wonder if this is peaceful cohabitation... guess I am feeling a little pessimistic today.

This little piece is ostensibly about Yosemite, but it is really about the founder of Patagonia.  It is fascinating and a good read.

I never knew there was a private club in Disneyland... I just figured out the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Well, obviously, I am not a regular.

I wish I were a hiker ... I have made many plans to be a hiker, except the obvious -- go for a hike, regularly.  I am adding this to the list, anyway, of the place I would like to hike (someday).

Long, but moderately interesting, piece on a play: taking a page from Culture Clash's and Anna Deveare Smith's ways of interviewing residents and then writing plays, this playwright has created a play about the ghosts of Santa Ana.

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