Friday, July 11, 2014

Santa Monica Postcard

 This is how I think of Santa Monica ... houses on the ocean, the surf, sand and mountains.

 Is this what tourists think of when they conjure Santa Monica in their minds?

As a local, I had never been ... so I met friends from out of town there.  It's a boardwalk atmosphere with tons of tourists.  So far this year, I have visited Venice Beach and Santa Monica with visiting friends.  I can check them off the list ... done and done.

I know why I never went there before...but I enjoyed the Santa Cruz boardwalk as a child/tourist...

 I loved the composition of this sight.  The rocks, the palm trees (imported) and the yucca (indigenous) and the tourists... perfect combo of native and import all in in one shot.  Plus, the ocean and mountains in the background.

 This is a hotel I would like to visit ... after I win the lottery.

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