Friday, November 28, 2014

NRU super mish mash

Jailing (and killing) innocent people is not only immoral, it's expensive.  Not all of those who were wrongly imprisoned will get compensated ... but the costs to society as well as to the person are undeniable.  I wish that prosecutors (and law enforcement) would learn to be as careful with all suspects as they are when the suspect is someone well-known.

If you still haven't tuned in to Serial, you should ... and I am not the only one that thinks so... apparently they are being streamed by millions.  I sure do enjoy it ... and yes, I have questions that haven't been answered yet.  But as a long-time fan of the serial drama, I enjoy the suspense and the weaving.  I am sad that it is a true story that affects the lives of real people, but I am glad that the issues about evidence, witnesses and lawyering are getting air time.  I like it so much, I even donated when asked this week.  I know... I love free things on the internet, and I haven't donated to my local NPR since I have been in graduate school. I couldn't resist.  Call it my impulse buy for the holiday season.

Just to prove that this news round up is truly mishy and mashy and not about Thanksgiving at all... here is a story about some countries banning entry to a crazy asshole who has been making money all over by claiming he can teach men how to be Don Juan rapists ... there is the side of me that thinks, wow, good for them for banning his ass; then there is the side of me that thinks, in what way is this better than talking about one of those girls whose last names start with a K?  Honestly, I say actually put the ass in jail, let him rot there and don't talk about it.  And somebody get those K girls some self respect or meds that can help them with their need to be the center of prurient attention.

I have blogged many times about Oren and his battle with lung cancer, but I thought I would share this article he was featured in last weekend to remind us to be more aware of our blessings.  May we all acknowledge abundance.

It seems like loss is all around me these days.  As I struggle to come to terms with it, I have been drawn to stories of others doing just that.  This is a bittersweet piece about a young basketball fan connecting with his idol and celebrating the mother who he lost to cancer this year.

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