Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Life Intrudes

I have drafts... but every time I sat down to write on those drafts, life has intruded. [I'll get back to those drafts next week, I promise.]

Two things happened today.

1) I took that walk on the beach I promised the therapist I would squeeze in even though I had a million other things to do for myself or others.

It was glorious.  The perfect beach day -- November 4th.

My mother said the other day, we really do live in a beautiful place.

There is so much beauty, I can't even place which beauty she was talking about.

I am practicing reminding myself about that silver lining every day by enjoying the beauty.

Today I saw, felt and touched beauty -- life.

It helped shift me into a feeling mode that wasn't dominated by anxiety and overwhelm.

It was  blessing that I gave myself by taking an hour to just appreciate the world I live in.

2) I read this.

I stumbled on this piece back in June. [I am pretty sure I have shared it before.]

And I have been following Oren's progress through his twitter, facebook and blog posts.

I have been holding him and his family in my heart -- in the space where I still believe in miracles and hope for the best even though good news has been so short.

I cry whenever I read about Oren's diagnosis -- I wish I could trade my health for his.  I wish I could somehow give his family more time together and that time would be spent in good health.

But Oren's presence of mind, clarity about what matters in life and his ability to hold optimism in the face of such difficulties also fills me with faith -- faith in the world we live in, the intrinsic goodness of people and the strength love can give you.

I am sharing Oren's words because they have that power and because his family needs all the good thoughts and prayers we all can muster.  And, of course, if you have funds to donate to research, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

May we all recognize the beauty around us, bless ourselves with living in the present moment, and take the opportunity to appreciate our abundance in whatever form it takes in our lives.

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