Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love *preview*

I am working on something for you on love, in the meantime, I am sharing these two stories about love.
Something we stumbled onto in Italy, summer 2012

I read this story yesterday, and tears streamed down my face... I was particularly struck by how lovingly and compassionately the daughters were taking this tremendous loss.  Going together was clearly a gift for their children as much as it was devotion to each other.

I saw this on my AP feed this morning, and the waterworks started again.   I celebrate with all those couples who have been waiting so long to share their lives *officially* -- I am not worried about the backlash and I don't care that it came about because of a court case.  Though I am still quietly rooting for that county clerk down in Las Cruces who didn't wait to do the right thing.  I would certainly vote for him

Happy weddings all! Toasting to all the happy couples and lighting candles for that other loving couple who recently passed together.

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