Thursday, November 03, 2016

Para los seres queridos...

We gathered to decorate Sergio's grave on Sunday.
This is before
-- a bag of supplies.
And eager hearts
with food and
energy and
love for Julie and Sergio.
It started shaping up with flowers and decorations.

Julie and I scoured a grocery store for many of Sergio's favorite things.
Alita was particularly intrigued by the process... I kept giving her jobs (and treats).

Alita helped give out paper and pens so we could all write Sergio private notes.
the final product... and closeups of the offerings...

Julie thanked everyone for coming, and Alita, Sara and Kathryn comforted Julie... it was heartbreaking and beautiful.
We burnt the notes as our delivery method.
I included my silent thoughts for all my loved ones who aren't with me anymore.

We miss you so much, Sergio ...

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