Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Fourth on the Arcata Plaza

 Note 1) this is not a giraffe despite the resemblance; 2) it is a pink polka dot, peg-legged pony; and 3) most importantly, bubbles can emanate from that hole.
 arty shot of kinetic koo-tie... I have no idea what it means...
 Ok, this wasn't on the fourth, but it was in Arcata ...and so relaxing!
 I fell in love with the vintage signs ...
 and this vintage firetruck

 front view of #notgiraffe

 I didn't quite catch this one upside down full giggle, but it was priceless, believe me
 obligatory flag shot

 not sure what kind of guard totem this is, but I as charmed.
Olive and her person ... Olive is a ham, and then she showed me where she wanted to be scratched.  Also Olive's person was selling really cool t-shirts.

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