Friday, April 01, 2016

NRU not April Fool's

The way chocolate cake should be enjoyed
Sometimes life collides with intentions.  I started a new gig and spent a good part of the last few weeks seriously job hunting.  As a result, my news reading is lagging.  And there is just not very much *good* news, so I am less inclined to spend my precious little free time reading sad/frustrating/outrageous stories.  So instead of a real round up, here are the links to the articles I would be reading if I only had 3 more hours in each day.  Though, truthfully, if I really had an extra three hours, I would be seriously torn between reading these articles and SLEEPING!

This is a hodge podge of the stories I thought might be fun, interesting, potentially uplifting -- and the some political news I can't seem to look away from.

Parrots -- more than a pretty face

Dog not actually lost at sea finds a way home.

How the train wreck was happening right in front of them, and no one did a thing ... and now they are court martialling him.  Ugh

The story of a burger joint in Compton -- women's history month alert ;)

Puerto Ricans and the vote

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