Friday, January 15, 2016

NRU mishy and mashy

This piece will be in the inaugural displays at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  What a beautiful and heartbreaking piece of a story; that it has remained intact since sometime in the 1850s is a testament to the strength, resilience and heart those slaves passed on to their children.  All legacies have their bitter and their sweet.

It must be the day for sweet stories that break your heart or renew your faith in humanity.  Here's one that speaks to the essence of love ... it is not easy or predictable, but there it is.

If you didn't tune into Obama's last State of the Union, please take a minute to read it.  It was a week for political rhetoric ... I tried to watch the GOP Debate without alcohol and a score board, and it was agonizing.  Two hours in with no visible end in sight, I baled.  Here is the NPR fact check which is actually all you really need to know. 

Ms. Mora's courage to tell her viejitos the "secret" of how she got to their small town in Montana helped them bring their conversation on illegal immigration down to earth. Thank goodness for people talking to each other rather than at each other.
"This isn't to say they've changed their minds about illegal immigration. But it's just not part of the conversation at Los Koritas now. Warner too has moved on from the topic. Yeni is still Yeni to him.
Mora said she just wishes that, when it comes to illegal immigration, "they didn't see me as the exception. There are many like me across the nation. We had to come illegally. There was no other way.'"
Turns out all you need to be a winner in the lottery (at least in your own mind) is some good photoshopping skills. 

So, while I applaud CalTech taking the complaints seriously (but really after UC Berkeley bungling it not too long ago, it would not have been good form for CalTech to follow Cal's lead), I am not sure that one year off without pay while not allowed on campus and "supervised visits" is really the right sanction for sexual harassment.  Sadly, if he was caught this time, he has likely done it many times and will continue to do so.  At what point will his livelihood actually be threatened by his unlawful activity? The people who have come forward to charge him have already put their own livelihoods on the line for the sake of those who might come after them.

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