Monday, October 05, 2015

NRU education

I was cleaning my email inbox (yes, I must have many other things to do that I am occupying my time with this), and I found a bunch of articles about education I have been apparently hording.

Here they are for your pleasure...

This is a little piece about testing, framed so that it purportedly takes on the parent perspective.

It should not surprise anyone that Jeb! is a fan of common core -- but it is somewhat surprising that he not take the party line on every little thing.  I think since this article, and Trump not going down in the polls, he is starting to sound more like a teabagger every day though.

Not really about education, in a schooling kind of way, instead this is about mothering.  In fact, it impacted me because it talks about how often we put our hearts and souls into something, like education, and even with adequate resources, time and effort, we cannot change a tragic (or stupid) outcome.  It is rare for mothers to admit this -- so I really appreciated the bravery in this piece.

I can't remember now if I shared these two already (could be) and I was just keeping them so that I could look at the transcripts ... but gonna share again, just in case I didn't before.  NPR covered a lawsuit against the school district in Compton about trauma.  I do not disagree that trauma causes students stress at school (at home, in life, etc.), but I am not sure how the school district labeling these students as disabled will help with the problems created.  My personal experience with IEPs does not lead me to believe that students will get better educations or more help in dealing with the issues.  If the problem is so great, it seems like the district might pursue healing projects, like mindful schools or peer counseling, that would benefit the entire student body.

This opening of the school year was very difficult for many districts, including Oakland, because of teacher shortages.  It is super interesting to me given the anti-teacher climate in the media.

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