Friday, February 06, 2015

NRU mish mash

Others may find the exhaustive soul searching and teeth gnashing about how to finalize the report on Sandy Hook tiresome.  However, I think this kind of thoughtful, public consideration is a welcome respite to the twenty-four hour news cycle and unfiltered internet coverage.  I am not suggesting that we filter the internet or tell the news people to stop reporting 24-hours a day ... it would be pointless to do so.  But, with that kind of exposure to "information" or "infotainment" comes a responsibility that requires more than a robotic or market driven thought process.  We must think about, talk through and decide how we want situations, experiences memorialized precisely because we are not going to limit access to that information.  No reports are neutral and we should not pretend and abdicate responsibility for the ways in which it will be used in the future.

If this is any indication of my level of overwhelm ... this is where I want to move, forever...and I already live just a few miles from it.

It would appear that my new exercise regime is right on target for a healthy lifestyle. How wonderful because I only aspire to running 11 minute miles and never more than a half marathon once a year or so... currently on track to start training but not for another month or so ... working my way up slowly.  Though happy to report I clocked over 66 miles last month plus -- only 3 were jogging (I call it running but these folks would not) the rest were walking, so I made my 2 miles per day goal!

It's not that I look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means!) or that I don't relish the idea of reading more about Atticus, Scout and Jem...but I am so glad that someone said this, and this.  When the news hit, I was more than suspicious.  For all the reasons mentioned in the two articles.  I wish Ms. Lee the absolute best always -- and I am sure that the book will sell, but at what cost to her reputation or our nostalgia.  

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