Monday, February 09, 2015

low tide treasures

I have lived near the ocean most of my life ... with the exception of my time in New Jersey and New Mexico... and though I know in my head about high tide and low tide, I never really paid attention to it.
So, whenever I show up at the beach for my walk, I just get whatever tide happens to be hanging around ... high or low. 

Even though high tide usually means having to walk on the sand you sink into -- making my legs feel like walking hills in Oakland was too easy -- I still don't *search out* the low tide.

But low tides are awesome ... besides being able to walk on compacted sand or squishy sand, there are these tide pool treasures.  Since I have been plotting running on the beach, I might have to start looking at tide charts.  It will be a shame to not *happen* upon low tides like this.

These are few pictures I took last Friday when I showed up for my walk to the absolute best low tide ever.

I have been collecting sea glass and rocks, and I felt like I had hit the mother lode ... so many places with beautiful rocks, glimmering sea glass (I got four colors!) and shiny shells and shell pieces.

I am trying to take full advantage of being in beautiful coastal Southern California.

Oh, and I got some meditating in, too, believe it or not.

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