Tuesday, March 18, 2014

slight NRU

Fascinating finds for the paleontologists digging near the creation of the Westside Metro in LA.

Over a week into the search for the missing Malaysian Air flight 370, it is increasingly like an unscripted episode of Lost or a bad Where's Waldo book.  It went this way; no it went that way; it was an accident; it was no accident.  Basically, if there is someone out there that knows anything substantive 1) we would not be able to tell, and 2) they are not telling us the whole story.  But it is the slow motion crash we cannot stop watching (or in my case reading about).

My heart breaks for those families wondering (and hoping) this means that their loved ones are still alive.  Not knowing must one of the most horrible feelings -- and yet as they face the alternative, believing that no news is good news becomes their only ray of hope. 

Need to finish digesting all the other articles still open in my browser before I can decide if I will post anymore.

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