Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NRU education edition

I have been hoarding a few education articles.

I am glad that the papers are still following the debate on the Common Core -- particularly the implementation.

Here's a piece on magnet schools' resurgence in cities. I wonder if the pressure to show achievement and charter schools siphoning off some of the best students can help school districts to find the best in their students regardless of their preconceptions about said students.

Sometimes my uncle asks me to explain this charter school thing - and when I start the complicated answer, he insists ... but aren't they better than public schools?!  It's complicated and there are no real studies to point to charter schools (en masse) being *better* or more successful.  Do they get a lot of press? Absolutely -- and waivers of all sorts.  Small schools were once the darlings of educational reform -- and there was never proof that they were inherently better either -- more expensive, yes, just like charters.  Here is some press on one kind of waiver a small school that has survived -- not necessarily because it is better or more successful and despite that it is more expensive to run.

Wow.... success fees at state run/mostly funded colleges...what's next? Was this is in the Master Plan?  YIKES!

Here is the NY Times view on how the SAT got changed (again).  I am reserving my right to think more on this and write more later.  

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