Friday, January 24, 2014

NRU - mish mash

I have been reading articles -- I have been saving them to share with this blog -- but I have not been posting.

If you check in on my blog, you already know I haven't been posting.  But I thought I should acknowledge it ... imagine me with a candle beneath my chin, not close enough to burn me, but you know what I mean ... and I am saying, My name is Anna and I have not been posting.

Here is what I have been hoarding ...

A lovely piece about the young man who helped Gifford after she was shot in Tucson, and used the limelight to launch a political career in which he has been doing what he thinks is right not politically strategic.  Apparently, it is not impossible to do this...

Every time I read about the survivors of violence requesting forgiveness, my heart leaps.  I am not sure how people access this level of compassion, but I am inspired and awed by it.

You are not going to believe this, but texting and dialing while driving is distracting.  There is a report to prove it -- in case, like global warming, you think it is a plot by the government to control your life.

In other news, there is a new PBS documentary on Ruben Salazar ... looking forward to it. But I guess I need to figure out how to tell the tv to record it because I missed the one on Salinger.

I almost couldn't read this article about a young man who tried to get the cops to kill him -- and the cops that were only too eager to oblige.

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