Friday, January 03, 2014

NRU mish mash

In my quasi-leisure [read inability to get things done that actually need to get done] I have been renewing my love affair with long NY Times articles.  It is harder to do online than in the actual paper, so these might not be the longest pieces.  I am looking forward to reading an actual paper once I am settled.

This piece on the warehouse of artifacts from closed Catholic churches tickled me.  I imagined when they might get to the point where they would sell these pieces to non-Catholic churches, too.

I cannot say anything about this piece without giving away its humor and impact, so I will just tell you the headline and that I loved it:  How I Found Love on Companionship Online.  Hope you love it too.

Glad the courts saw fit to admit this young man into the bar ... but is he still banned from legally working?  I guess they are saying that he can use the legal loophole that allows undocumented people to work as independent contractors ... because no one is employing them?  With all of these contortions, I wish the congress/senate would start to understand the importance of passing the immigration bill.

Ah ... Jefferson county ... still trying after all these years to secede from California.

I cannot believe we needed a study to confirm the distraction of phones/texting while driving... but I guess it is good that it has been confirmed. 

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