Thursday, August 17, 2017

Poetry Thursday

Things I Will Tell My Children About Destiny 
~Cynthia Manick

                          You remind them
             of weighted tumbleweeds,
hen-egg brown. Don’t let
                           them take the rag-
             time beneath your skin.
        It stirs earth’s curvature
and a choir
of frogs
when you enter
             or leave a room. Don’t
             leave a swallow of juice
                    or milk in the fridge.
A body grieved
is a whole new body.
             Give your shadow a name
                          big as a star, see
              yourself out loud.
Pick wild irises                          the best gifts
              roll under a ribcage, leave
              open mouths splendid.
I like your smile unpenned.

Keep your bird-
              song close, imagine
                     an hourglass full
                         of architects and dreamers,
the first taste of fresh
              scooped ice cream.
                         You will learn to master
                         camouflage among ordinary things—
            men who spill words
not thoughts, trigger fingers
                           to brand loose.
I love your smile unpenned.

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